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Operating procedures for diesel generator set

Time:2024-01-11 10:01:42  Edit:HuaQuan
Diesel generator set are important backup power equipment, and correct operating procedures are crucial to ensure their normal operation. The following is a concise and clear operating procedure for diesel generator set:

1. Pre start inspection of diesel generator set: Before starting, check if there are any abnormalities in the diesel generator set, such as engine oil, cooling water, battery, etc., whether they are normal.
diesel generator set

2. Diesel generator set start: Press the start button and observe if the start is normal. If the startup fails, it should be stopped and the problem checked.

3. Idle operation: After the diesel generator set reaches normal operating temperature, it should be kept idle for a period of time to ensure the normal operation of all systems.
diesel generator set

4. Load connection of diesel generator set: Gradually increase the load to ensure that the generator set operates normally under various loads.

5. Shutdown: Gradually reduce the load first, and then stop the generator set. When not in use for a long time, the generator set should be started regularly to maintain its good condition.
6. Daily maintenance of diesel generator set: Regular maintenance of the generator set, such as changing oil, cleaning air filters, etc.
7. Safety precautions: Protective equipment such as goggles and gloves should be worn during operation.
8. Other precautions: Regularly check the battery level, ensure sufficient fuel, avoid excessive vibration and humid environments.

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